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AGL Solar Energy -  The Australian government has been backing solar energy for a while now. There was the Solar Homes and Communities Plan and the feed-in for starters. In spite of these efforts, however, solar energy has accounted for a mere 0.1% of the country's total energy consumption. 0.1%. 

You might be thinking that it makes sense on a macro-level to invest in renewable energy. The million dollar question is how can you, as a homeowner, benefit from solar power? When it comes to how solar energy affects your energy bill at home, there are at least two ways that its impact can be felt.
1. Lower Energy Costs Long-Term
a) Spend Less on Energy
The cost of energy is largely driven by supply and demand. Put simply, the scarcer energy sources are the more you will be expected to pay. Solar energy comes from a consistent source. That is what will ultimately keep those energy costs predictable and affordable.
b) Energy Company Being More Efficient 
Even if you do not opt for home solar panels, your energy company using solar power can lower your monthly bill as well. With so many people depending on energy providers for electricity, it is not surprising how costs can add up for these companies. The savings made with solar energy can be in turn passed on to consumers like you.
2. Credits, Rebates, and Upfront Savings Galore
Remember the Solar Homes and Communities Plan? How about the subsidies and the grant programs? 
What all these initiatives should tell you is that the federal government is serious about its Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET).
Thanks to the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme, there are financial incentives available to homeowners who decide to install solar panels and thermal pumps. This comes along with the Solar Credits Program that you can use again to benefit from your choice to consume renewable energy.
With the unveiling of the Solar Cities Project and the new Solar Credit Program shows that the pieces are there for Australia to become a solar powered nation. Homeowners in particular stand to gain the most from the solar energy market. The lower energy bills alone make it an option well worth exploring. If you’re looking for more information about Solar Energy, I recommend going through the information at AGL Solar Energy.

Posted 17.12.13, 1:22 pm