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    m.j.j - um um ummmmm
    Posted 29.08.10, 6:19 pm

    NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Joan .... It will be great to see your most recent GSS as a final take for the Cluster program. Cheers, Howard
    Posted 13.03.10, 11:20 am

    Samford Tennis Club - We recently attended Green Street Cafe meeting with other local businesses and discussed what our suburb was currently doing and how they could improve what they were doing to make our suburb more liveable and sustainable.  We discussed ideas such as:-

    free compost bins for residents in the shire and encourage use of these bins

    encourage residents to ride bike to station, schools etc and to have a bike way from Samford to Ferny Grove.  It was suggested that this bike way follow the old train line. 

    encourage residents to have chooks and therefore make more efficient use of our scraps

    Council could hold competitions between streets or suburbs - some people might be more likely to become green if they are part of a local or more localised plan.  Winners could be called Best Green Street, or Most Liveable Street and prizes could be selected from what that particular group might want - e.g. more trees, worm farms etc.

    Encourage school children to have their own plots at school - children could select what they want to plant.  In this way, not only are they learning about various herbs, vegetables, flowers etc but they are also learning about how to care for the soil, the environment etc.

    A local vegetable garden or herb garden where residents are encouraged to help - produce could be sold to support local community - e.g tennis club, soccer club, netball club, archery club etc.


    Posted 27.10.09, 11:09 am