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Transport Using low-carbon or public transport wherever possible
  • Transport badge
Using fuel-efficient, hybrid, electric or renewable-powered vehicles will reduce carbon emissions. We can also find more efficient ways to transport and distribute goods, and reduce work-related travel by having online meetings, working from home, using public transport or sharing vehicle journeys.
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How to earn this badge

For help, see Green Tips about using fuel-efficient vehicles and driving less. If your workplace promotes the sharing of vehicle journeys see the Car Pooling Badge.

If you do three or more of these you will earn a Transport Badge (Workplace).

  1. Most of our staff walk, ride or catch a train/bus/tram to work 75% or more of the time
  2. Our fleet vehicles are electric or low fuel or hybrid cars using 6 litres or less per 100 km
  3. We have plans to have a fleet powered fully by renewable energy by 2025
  4. We have very efficient plans for the transport of goods and services to our workplace
  5. We use teleconferencing or online services for the majority of meetings which would otherwise require driving or flying

How to add a badge to your profile

Sign in and go to your member profile page, then select 'Review my badges'. Follow the 'Read more' links to check the actions for each badge, and tick checkboxes for any badges you have earned. Once you've clicked the 'save' button, the selected badges will display on your profile.

Remember, Green Street Badges rely on each member's honest declaration of what they are doing to be sustainable, so check the actions for each badge carefully!