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Sustainable Pet Care Caring for household pets and native animals
  • Sustainable Pet Care Badge
Animals are part of the natural world, and how we look after them can have a big impact on the environment, society and individual well-being. There's a lot we can do to protect native wildlife and the ecosystem while enjoying the many positive benefits of pet ownership.

How to earn this badge

Hint: to start thinking about the sustainability of caring for pets, you may want to try the Sustainable Petcare Quiz.

If you do ten or more of the actions below, you will earn a Sustainable Petcare Badge.

  1. Our pet is exercised appropriately
  2. We ensure our pet eats nutritional food with minimal additives
  3. The products we purchase to assist with petcare are manufactured sustainably (eg. Food bowls, leashes, kennels, food)
  4. Where relevant, our pet is trained appropriately (eg. Dogs go to puppy pre-school and advanced obedience training)
  5. Vaccinations are carried out regularly
  6. Pet roaming is prevented so as not to interfere with the neighbourhood and the environment
  7. Where relevant, out pet is desexed so as to stop inappropriate breeding and the growth of the feral animal population
  8. We help native animal populations in our neighbourhood
  9. Animal droppings are collected and disposed of properly using biodegradable or other recyclable containers as appropriate
  10. Our pet is managed appropriately in public places
  11. We keep up with latest petcare information
  12. We acknowledge that pets can be a significant contributor to the health and well- being of petowners and the community generally
  13. We advocate to appropriate authorities and organisations to ensure pets are well catered for in the community and that pet owners and their pets behave appropriately

How to add a badge to your profile

Sign in and go to your member profile page, then select 'Review my badges'. Follow the 'Read more' links to check the actions for each badge, and tick checkboxes for any badges you have earned. Once you've clicked the 'save' button, the selected badges will display on your profile.

Remember, Green Street Badges rely on each member's honest declaration of what they are doing to be sustainable, so check the actions for each badge carefully!