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Responsible Purchasing Reducing social & environmental impact when buying products or services
  • Responsible Purchasing Badge
As consumers, our buying choices can have a considerable impact. By thinking about what we buy, we can reduce negative environmental impacts, and support suppliers of sustainable goods and services. 
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How to earn this badge

If you do six or more of these, you will earn a Responsible Purchasing Badge (Household). For guidance, see Green Tips about avoiding heavily packaged products and buying energy-efficient equipment. To buy from verified indigenous businesses, explore Supply Nation.

  1. Buy goods with low packaging whenever possible
  2. When low-packaged goods are not provided when appropriate I tell the shop manager or producer of the goods to minimize packaging on products in the future
  3. We buy locally produced products whenever available
  4. We purchase from local stores whenever possible
  5. We don't use plastic bags when shopping
  6. We buy fair trade products - those from ethical and environmentally friendly workplaces and production sources where workers are paid a fair wage
  7. We buy only low energy electrical products
  8. We buy only products that are able to break down easily into nature or are able to be recycled easily
  9. We support First-Nations-owned enterprises

How to add a badge to your profile

Sign in and go to your member profile page, then select 'Review my badges'. Follow the 'Read more' links to check the actions for each badge, and tick checkboxes for any badges you have earned. Once you've clicked the 'save' button, the selected badges will display on your profile.

Remember, Green Street Badges rely on each member's honest declaration of what they are doing to be sustainable, so check the actions for each badge carefully!