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Sustainable Fashion Buying and using clothes and fashion items responsibly
  • Sustainable Fashion Badge
The trend for 'Fast fashion' has a massive environmental and social impact. Tonnes of clothing waste is dumped every day and some clothing factories have very poor working conditions. By responsibly making, purchasing, using and/or recycling clothing and fashion items, you can be both fashionable AND sustainable.
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How to earn this badge

If you do four or more of these, you will earn a Sustainable Fashion Badge.

  1. Repair worn clothing when feasible
  2. Donate good quality used clothing to charities
  3. Buy locally-made clothing
  4. Make our own clothes
  5. Only buy ethically produced clothing
  6. Question the need for new clothing before making purchases

How to add a badge to your profile

Sign in and go to your member profile page, then select 'Review my badges'. Follow the 'Read more' links to check the actions for each badge, and tick checkboxes for any badges you have earned. Once you've clicked the 'save' button, the selected badges will display on your profile.

Remember, Green Street Badges rely on each member's honest declaration of what they are doing to be sustainable, so check the actions for each badge carefully!