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Green Street resources range from guides, links and digital tools to templates, learning programs, online networks and services.

The ‘Level’ of a resource indicates how specialised it is. Level 1 resources are for everyone while Levels 2 & 3 are more relevant to businesses, educators, community organisations, and other enterprises. Anyone can view the resource overview but you must sign in to access resource files and links. To see which resources you can access with your membership, check pricing.


Improve sustainability through practical actions

Green Street Score & Certificate

Use the online carbon footprint calculator to measure your impact and get a Green Street Score. See suggestions to improve sustainability, make a pledge, and get a personalised certificate. (Level 1 Resource)

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Green Tips

Read handy tips on ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and follow links to websites and resources that can help you. (Level 1 Resource)

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Green Street Badges

Be rewarded for taking action in areas from recycling and energy to education and responsible purchasing. Achieve the specified criteria to earn each badge. (Level 1 Resource)

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Planning Sustainable Events

This guide has detailed pointers on how to make any event more sustainable, from conferences and trade shows to weddings, parties and community events. (Level 1 Resource)

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Be inspired by the latest thinking on sustainability issues, approaches, technologies and tools. Read articles and watch videos. (Open to all)

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Learn about sustainability principles and practice:

Sustainability Quizzes

Do an online quiz to test your knowledge of sustainability topics in a fun way (Level 1 Resource).

We can also develop custom quizzes for organisations (contact us).

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Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent an urgent call for action. The Green Street Badges relate to SDGs, so by achieving the badges you can contribute to the UN’s vision. (Level 1 Resource)

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The Natural Step

The Natural Step is a universal summary of what makes a sustainable business or society. It identifies four system conditions used to make appropriate decisions. The resource includes an overview, links and workshop options. (Level 1 Resource).

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10 Steps Towards Sustainability

The ’10 Steps’ video and guide are designed to help you picture what a typical path towards a more sustainable business might look like. This also acts as a reminder to stay on track. It’s a logical, manageable process. (Level 2 Resource)

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Green Street for Schools

Educational resources and activities for teachers, students and their families. Includes a Schools Challenge activity and a comprehensive set of lesson plans linking to the Australian Cross-Curriculum Priority of Sustainability. (Level 3 Resource)

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Sustainability Facilitator Program

A personalised learning program for managers, staff, community leaders, management consultants or other facilitators who want to help build a sustainable organisation or community. (Level 3 Resource)

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Connect, discuss and share knowledge:

Green Street Cafe

An informal but carefully managed event, designed to facilitate structured discussion in workplaces or communities. The Café facilitator’s guide includes customisable templates for event promotion and activities. (Level 2 Resource)

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Clues on Conversations

A handbook to skill people in the art and science of conversations for a sustainable future. It presents multiple options for designing and facilitating group and individual conversations at workplaces or in communities. (Level 1 Resource)

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Strategic Questioning

A practical guide on how to engage people in organisations or communities by asking the right type of questions. This is particularly helpful when you want to learn about a problem and develop human-focused strategies for change. (Level 1 Resource)

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Green Street Community

The community of Green Street members is a place to connect with others, join groups, ask questions or post news of your sustainability efforts. (Open to all members)

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Green Street Business Directory

Connect to businesses that are making sustainability efforts. By supporting businesses in the directory, everyone can help them contribute to a more sustainable local economy. (Open to all. Businesses need to meet certain conditions to be listed – read more)

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Sustainable Business Networks
Business owners connect and collaborate to learn and share ideas about reducing carbon footprint. They discuss how to achieve cost savings and other benefits through improved sustainability. (Level 2 Resource)

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Plan and implement sustainable actions in a business or other enterprise:

Sustainability Roadmap

Start with this roadmap as a way to develop a sustainable business or community enterprise. The online tool and guide provide a clear, practical framework for assessing, planning and tracking sustainability progress. (Level 2 Resource)

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Sustainability Policy

Guidance on writing a clear sustainability policy, together with examples of best practice sustainability policies drawn from small and large organisations. (Level 2 Resource)

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Business Case for Sustainability

To help build a business case and start taking action, this guide includes practical checklists and a summary of why sustainability is good for business, the community and the planet. It is a simple guide for business owners, staff, suppliers and clients. (Level 2 Resource)

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Sustainability Accountabilities

For businesses and organisations, this guidance gives examples of how to embed sustainability accountabilities into role descriptions for staff, managers and supply chain businesses. (Level 2 Resource)

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Sustainability Planning Process for Micro-businesses

A process to help small organisations (1–4 people) plan sustainability objectives and actions, with the help of checklists and planning templates. As it links to actions identified in the Sustainability Roadmap, it’s best to use that resource first. (Level 2 Resource)

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Sustainability Planning Process for Enterprises

A detailed sustainability planning process for enterprises of any size. Based on stages of the Sustainability Roadmap, the planning tool leads to an organisational plan for sustainability with a focus on action. (Level 3 Resource)

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SPOT Sustainable Procurement Tool & Guide

A friendly online tool that helps you research and assess the sustainability of potential purchases. You can also download spreadsheet templates to compare options. An accompanying guide explains sustainable procurement principles and practices. (Level 3 Resource)

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Building a Circular Economy Business

A guided process to building circular economy principles and practices into organisations. It includes a model for managing the shift to a circular economy, and tools to facilitate conversation and collaboration. (Level 3 Resource)

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Green Street Business Directory Listing

The Business Directory promotes businesses that are having a go at being sustainable. To list your business, join Green Street as a business/workplace with a subscription (see pricing), calculate your Green Street Score, earn a badge and add profile information. (Level 2 Resource)

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Measure, communicate and sustain progress:

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
The GRI s acknowledged worldwide as the benchmark for sustainability indicators. Large and small organisations use GRI indicators as the foundation for sustainability planning and reporting, and the indicators are incorporated into Green Street resources. (Level 1 Resource)

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Environmental Management Systems

A simple introduction to the principles of tracking environmental impact. Includes links relevant to businesses and organisations internationally, such as the ISO14001 world standards for Environmental Management Systems. (Level 1 Resource)

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Sustainability Perception And Reporting Tool (SPART)

SPART is a web-based survey tool that allows organisations to track how customers, staff and other stakeholders perceive their sustainability performance.
Analysing the survey reports helps to inform future sustainability actions. (Level 3 Resource)

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Carbon Management System

An automated platform to help any size of enterprise measure, analyse and reduce carbon emissions. The system connects directly to your accounting software and provides an easy-to-understand dashboard to help you reduce costs and communicate progress. (Custom Resource)

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Sustainability Consultancy

Sustainability consulting services range from general advice and mentoring to rigorous sustainability assessments and hands-on project work. Our consultants can provide detailed technical knowledge or soft skills like facilitation, stakeholder communication, and community consultation.(Custom Resource)

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Sustainability Roadmap

The roadmap is not just for planning a way forward, it’s for tracking the sustainability journey of your business or community enterprise. Use the online tool and journey companion guide at regular intervals to assess sustainability progress. (Level 2 Resource)

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Have a go at being sustainable!

Green Street helps individuals, households, businesses and community organisations learn how to be more sustainable and take simple, practical actions. The resources are also valuable for business consultants, industry groups, government bodies, students and educators.