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Opportunities for sponsors and advertisers

Sponsor a sustainable enterprise

Want to connect with customers and businesses who are having a go at being sustainable? Sponsoring Green Street is a great way to do that! The benefits go both ways, as you’ll be supporting a community of individuals and organisations who are keen to learn and want to improve their sustainability efforts.

Options for sponsors or advertisers

You can support Green Street, reach target customers and promote your business or organisation in a few different ways:

  1. Get a business directory listing – join as a workplace (Level 2 or 3 subscription), do your Green Street score and earn at least one badge – then you will be eligible for a listing in the directory at no extra cost
  2. Sponsor Green Street badges – sponsor a badge relevant to your business, and your logo and profile link will appear on the badge info page for the duration of your sponsorship (usually a year). Each badge can have multiple sponsors, and you can sponsor household and/or workplace badges to reach your target audience
  3. Promote special offers – offer a relevant deal for members (such as a discount or other special offer), and your promotion will be advertised on banners and listed in the member offers section for a defined period
  4. Provide a sustainability service/product – if you provide a sustainability-related product or service that would be of high value to members, you could become an approved partner. Your offering will appear as a custom resource with a brief description and a link to your business profile/website. It could also be accompanied by member offers and/or badge sponsorship.

Licensing options

if you are an industry organisation or consultancy providing professional services, talk to Green Street about the potential for licensing our resources. Offering tried and tested resources is a great way to build sustainability into your offering.

For example, an industry organisation could offer its members free access to all levels of Green Street resources, or a consultancy firm could customise the resources to enhance its offering to clients. Contact us to discuss options.

How much does sponsorship cost?

Because we want to provide opportunities for all types and sizes of businesses, all sponsorship, advertising or licensing costs are subject to negotiation. Contact us and we’ll discuss how to help you get the best value from Green Street sponsorship.

Note: joining Green Street is free, but to be listed in the directory and sponsor promotions, member offers or custom resources you will need to sign up for a paid subscription (Level 2 or 3). For more info, see the pricing page.

How do I become a sponsor?

First, become a Green Street member – join as a workplace/business and create your profile, including logo/image and web link. Make sure you calculate your Green Street Score and check your eligibility for any badges.

Then you can contact Green Street to discuss sponsorship options/costs and get your name out there!

Enquire now about sponsorship

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