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Opportunities for sponsors and partners

Support our sustainable enterprise, and grow yours

Want to connect with customers and organisations keen to be more sustainable? Sponsoring or partnering with Green Street is a great way to reach them and promote or grow your enterprise (sustainably, of course).

4 ways to connect

As well as joining Green Street as a business member, you can work with us in four other ways. Which of these sounds like you?

  1. Sustainability Lead Enterprise: You lead by example and are keen to improve sustainability in your supply chain and community …read more
  2. Partner: You want to work with like-minded organisations to cross-promote each other’s sustainability products or services ...read more
  3. Sponsor: You’d like to promote your brand and reach target audiences by sponsoring content on Green Street or publishing special offers to members …read more
  4. Licensee or Investor: You’re looking to grow your business value by adding sustainability tools and resources to your offering …read more

Lead Enterprises, Partners and Sponsors

Green Street works with several forward-thinking organisations that want to grow and nurture sustainable economies and communities.

Superman figure with 'S' logo for Sustainability Lead Enterprise

Become a Sustainability Lead Enterprise

The Green Street Sustainability Lead Enterprise (SLE) program gives your organisation a sustainable superpower – and helps others discover theirs! It’s a unique opportunity to demonstrate leadership while building more sustainable supply chains and local economies. As an SLE, you’ll keep moving along the road to sustainability while helping others do so too.

The concept is simple. As a Lead Enterprise, you sponsor your network contacts (clients, suppliers or other stakeholders) to join Green Street and access the sustainability resources. Choose the level of subsidy you want to offer and how many contacts to bring on board. We’ll draw up an SLE agreement that confirms the details. 

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be recognised in your industry as a positive catalyst for change, collaborating for the greater good. Contributing to a sustainable supply chain boosts your reputation and helps suppliers and customers demonstrate their ESG credentials. You’ll also be eligible for benefits like badge sponsorship and promotion of member offers.

Lead Enterprises can choose whether to actively support their sponsored organisations, or simply facilitate their access to Green Street and leave them to it!

To help SLEs promote their leadership role, we’ll provide a kit with template email invitation text, PR messages, social media graphics and discount vouchers/codes for nominated contacts.

Who can be a Lead Enterprise?

The SLE programme is open to organisations recognised for moving towards sustainable practices. They don’t have to be perfect though! We use a checklist to help assess this. You can see current Lead Enterprises on our Partners and Sponsors page.

Lead by example and create a positive ripple effect across your supply chain! Contact us to extend your impact now.


Be a sustainability leader

Download a brochure with more details about the Sustainability Lead Enterprise Program, including how to qualify for it.

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Partner program

If you provide a sustainability-related product or service that would be of high value to our members, let’s talk! Your organisation could become an Approved Partner, with your offering appearing on Green Street as a Custom Resource.

The resource page will describe the product/service offering and link to your business profile or website (see an example). If you provide a special deal for Green Street members, we can add it to the member offers.

In return, we’d expect relevant cross-promotional activities from you, such as a website link to Green Street and social media coverage of the partnership. We can also explore options like affiliate commissions and QR codes or vouchers for member discounts. See current partners.

Business people

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Sponsoring and advertising options

See sponsorship opportunities

Download a visual summary of opportunities for promoting your enterprise via Green Street. Choose sponsorship options to suit your objectives, target market and budget.

Watering growing plants

Here’s a list of the ways you can promote your brand on the Green Street website:

  1. Member offers – offer a relevant deal for members (such as a discount or special offer), and your promotion will be advertised on banners and listed in the member offers section for a defined period. The offer must relate to sustainability products or services.
  2. Sponsored content  – write, produce, syndicate, or sponsor content of value to Green Street members, such as an Inspiration post or educational video. As the sponsor, you’ll get a link to your profile, website or social channel (see an example).
  3. Badges – sponsor a Green Street badge relevant to your business. Your logo and profile link will appear on the badge info page. You’ll also appear in the list of Badge Sponsors. Badges can have multiple sponsors, and you can target household and/or workplace badges (see an example).
  4. Green Tips – Sponsor a Green Tip about waste, energy, water, packaging, building design or other sustainability topics. Alternatively, provide content for a new tip. Your logo and link to your profile/website will appear on the tip page (see an example).
  5. Sustainability Quizzes – Sponsor a Green Street quiz, or commission a new one on a sustainability topic relevant to your enterprise. Your name/brand will appear on the quiz and some answers can link to your online content.
  6. Sponsor other Green Street Resources – You can sponsor specific resources, such as the Sustainability Roadmap, SPOT Procurement Tool, or Planning Process. Your logo/link will be included in the resource and credited in the text.
  7. Business directory listing – Join as a workplace (Level 2 or 3 subscription), do your Green Street score and earn at least one badge – then you will be eligible for a listing in the business directory at no extra cost.

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Licensing or investment

if you are an industry organisation or consultancy providing professional services, talk to Green Street about the potential for licensing, white-labelling or buying our resources. Acquiring tried and tested resources is a great way to build sustainability into your offering.

For example, a management consulting firm could use rebranded Green Street resources to enhance its offering and build business value. Similarly, an environmental or business development enterprise could use Green Street resources to reduce the learning curve of adding sustainability advice to its portfolio.

We’re also open to offers from investors or enterprises seeking a plug-and-play sustainability product/service. The hard work’s been done, the system’s set up, the membership is growing, and the potential is huge…!

Contact us to discuss your objectives and explore options.

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How much does it cost?

Because we want to provide opportunities for all types and sizes of businesses, fees and T&Cs for lead enterprise agreements, partnering referrals, sponsorships, or licensing deals are subject to negotiation.

Contact us and we’ll discuss how to get the best value from your Green Street relationship.

Note: to sponsor Green Street resources, advertise special offers or appear in the business directory, you need a business/enterprise subscription (see pricing).

How do I become a lead enterprise, partner, licensee or sponsor?

Please contact Green Street to share your aims and discuss opportunities for partnering, being a lead enterprise or licensing resources. We’ll negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement and get things up and running.

If you want to sponsor content on the Green Street website or promote member offers, join Green Street as a business first. Once signed in, review your profile, calculate your Green Street Score and check eligibility for badges. If you earn at least one badge, and do your score, you’ll appear in the business directory. Next, contact Green Street to discuss sponsorship options and we’ll get your name out there!

Get to know us

Want to know more about who you’d be working with? Read about Green Street or meet our team.

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