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Benefits for households & individuals

Green Street is a grassroots initiative, recognising the power of individual action to make a difference in our world. By joining Green Street as a household or individual, you’ll have access to people and resources to help you have a go at being sustainable. You and your family, neighbours, friends and school or workplace contacts can all join in and have a go!

By joining Green Street as a household or individual, you can…

* Some resources are designed for businesses and workplaces, and require a paid level of membership (see pricing).

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It’s all about having a go…

Being a Green Street member or household means you’re having a go at being sustainable. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started your sustainability efforts or been trying to be environmentally and socially conscious for many years. The main thing is you’re having a go! Green Street’s sustainability resources, member community and other website features are designed to help you.

Green Street is free to join

Joining Green Street is FREE for households and individuals. For businesses, there are paid levels of membership that provide extra content and features (see pricing).

Join as a household or individual

If you represent a business or other organisation, see benefits for businesses and workplaces