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Benefits for businesses & workplaces

Green Street aims to encourage sustainable local economies via the combined efforts of businesses, communities and individuals. Through Green Street, you’ll have access to people and resources to help you have a go at being sustainable.

By joining Green Street as a business/workplace, you can…

* Some features require a paid level of membership (see pricing). If you’re unsure which level of sustainability resources you might need, see the Resource Finder.

Business people

What if our workplace isn’t very sustainable yet?

Being a Green Street business or workplace means you’re having a go at being sustainable. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started your sustainability efforts or have been operating sustainably for many years. The main thing is you’re having a go! Green Street’s sustainability resources, member community and other features are designed to help you.

What it costs

Joining Green Street is free, but paid levels of membership give access to extra resources and features (see pricing). For example, if you own a business you can join for free, but you can’t list in the Green Street Business Directory unless you join at a paid level.


We have kept the costs as low as possible to make joining Green Street affordable for small businesses. Even if you choose the free level you’ll still be able to access a few resources and connect to others in the community. But if you join at Level 2 or 3 you’ll soon recoup the small subscription cost through the value of being listed on a site that attracts climate-conscious, ethically aware customers.

There are also sponsorship opportunities: sponsor a Green Street badge, advertise offers to members, or offer custom services. This can be a very cost-effective way of reaching an audience who is keen to hear about sustainability products and services!

Join now to start getting business benefits

Still need convincing? Read about why to join Green Street as a business.

If you don’t represent a business or organisation, please see benefits for households & individuals