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Green Street is designed to help people live more sustainably at work, at home and in the community. It provides a way to calculate your impact on climate change and find guidance on how to reduce this impact. Green Street also connects people and organisations who are having a go at being sustainable.

Who it’s for

Green Street is for individuals, workplaces and government or community organisations. The resources are also valuable for sustainability consultants, facilitators and educators.

Line of people

How it works

  1. Sign up to Green Street as a household/individual or a business/workplace and add your basic contact info
  2. Select your membership level (households are free, and businesses have a free level or paid subscriptions – see pricing)
  3. After signing up, you’ll see your profile page, where you can check the info and edit privacy settings
  4. From here, calculate your Green Street Score, which measures the carbon footprint of your household or organisation
  5. Based on your results, you’ll see suggestions for ways to improve your score – select to have a go at some of these as your ‘pledge’
  6. Review the Green Street badges, to see if you qualify for any of them. If so, they will appear on your profile
  7. Explore the rest of the site, particularly the resources, business directory, and community (where you can connect to members and join or form groups)

To get started, Join Green Street!

Who’s behind Green Street?

Green Street was set up by people who believe practical grassroots action is needed to combat climate change – find out more about our team and sponsors.

Promote your business or become a sponsor

If you’d like to promote your business or organisation to Green Street members, please see the information for sponsors.

Got questions or feedback?

Please read the FAQs for some answers to common queries. If you have other questions, want to suggest resources to add to Green Street, or spot an error on the website, please contact Green Street.